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Welcome to Caroline, NY

Caroline is a small town with a unique character and strong sense of community. It's a town where people care about others, where community events are a big part of community life. We're located just southeast of the Town of Ithaca. The area is made up of beautiful rolling hills, farms, and several small communities. The Town of Caroline is home to more State forest land than any other town in Tompkins County.
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Board Meeting Agenda for Wed Dec 10th 2014

Salute to the Flag (7:00)

Privilege of the Floor: Opportunity for citizens to bring forward matters of concern     

Please be prepared to make one statement not to exceed 3 minutes in length

Highway Superintendents Report (7:20)

Supervisors Report – (7:25)

County Representatives Report (7:30)

Department, Committee, & Liaison Reports (7:35)

Discussion and Action Topics

  • Transfers – (7:50)
  • Approve Abstracts: Highway, General, Lighting (7:55)
  • Approval of Minutes for Nov. 12 (8:00)
  • Authorize Supervisor to sign Construction Agreement with JB Excavation for Buffalo Creek Stabilization (8:05)
  • Authorize Supervisor to sign annual Contracts for Workers Comp, B-dale Stream Gauge, etc.(8:15)
  • FERC Scoping of Dominion Pipeline Upgrade Resolution (8:25)
  • Recognition of 50 Year Fire Protection Service (8:45)
  • Establish date for 2014 Year-end meeting  (9:00)
  • Establish Date for 2015 Organization Meeting (9:05)


Call for EMS volunteers

Dear Residents of the Town of Caroline,

I urge you to read the following letter from Beth Harrington of Slaterville Volunteer Ambulance (SVA) and to share it with others in our community.  Beth’s letter addresses significant volunteer challenges that the squad is facing and how they may impact our community in the not too distant future.  The Caroline Town Council is actively working with SVA to successfully address these issues in the year ahead, but your help is essential.  It is important to note that SVA does not face these challenges alone.  In truth, volunteer shortages are being faced by Emergency Services providers, both fire and ambulance, all across America.  The Town of Caroline is unique in that we have four volunteer service providers (3 fire companies and 1 ambulance service) within our borders.  It is something of which I am immensely proud and which makes a huge difference, every day,  to all of us.  This won’t be the first communication that you will see about these challenges, but I encourage you to consider, now, what you can do to ensure that this critical service remains entwined within the fabric of our community.  Thank you.


John Fracchia (FRAY-Shuh)
Town of Caroline



Dear Caroline Friends and Neighbors,

Slaterville Ambulance has been staffed by volunteers for 55 years, and has provided high quality emergency medical services (EMS) in our community, without billing the citizens of the Town of Caroline for such services.  As is the national trend, the number of individuals volunteering for local agencies has drastically decreased over the years.  Volunteering for emergency services, such as EMS or fire services demands a serious commitment, For the last several years, there have been only about 12 – 13 active members staffing the ambulance 24/7/365.  The largest percentage of these volunteers has also been serving their community for 10 to 50 years; it is thus obvious that this is an aging (and tiring) group of dedicated individuals.

Running an operation on such a limited number of individuals is realistically not a sustainable effort.  The ambulance organization has always been frugal in its operations, a conscious effort to recognize the limited resources of our taxpayers; further, we have never billed for services.  We also respond to emergency calls quickly, with times that rival a paid commercial service, and have provided the highest level of pre-hospital care possible.  Those traits have won us state and national awards, as well as the respect of our EMS peers and the citizens of our community.

2015 may be our last year of community EMS service if we are not able to recruit more volunteers.  We say this with great sadness, but feel that the situation is dire enough to inform our community about it.   We will continue to actively look for ways to continue providing this invaluable service, but THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY … PLEASE, HELP US TO HELP YOU BY VOLUNTEERING.  Both ambulance drivers and EMS personnel are needed, and as stated before, this represents a serious time commitment, but without it, community-based EMS services in the Town of Caroline, as you have known them all these years – free, prompt and quality pre-hospital care – will no longer exist.

Call 607-539-6233 and leave a message – someone will call you back with more information.

Thank you for caring.

Beth Harrington, President

Board Meeting Agenda for Wed Nov 12th 2014

Salute to the Flag (7:00)

Privilege of the Floor: Opportunity for citizens to bring forward matters of concern     

Please be prepared to make one statement not to exceed 3 minutes in length

Highway Superintendents Report (7:20)

Supervisors Report – (7:25)

County Representatives Report (7:30)

Department, Committee, & Liaison Reports (7:35)

Discussion and Action Topics

  • Transfers – (7:50)
  • Approve Abstracts: Highway, General, Lighting (7:55)
  • Approval of Minutes for Oct 7, and Oct 15 (8:00)
  • Resolution to Authorize Entering into Dog Control Contract with TCAC (8:05)
  • Discussion of bids received for Buffalo Creek Stabilization (8:10)
  • Adopt 2015 Town, Lighting, and Fire Protection Budgets (8:20)


Preliminary 2015 Budget meetings and hearing

November 6, 2014
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

The Caroline Town Board’s Preliminary Budget for 2015 is available for viewing at the Town of Caroline website (see below) and by contacting the Town Clerk.  The previously scheduled meeting to complete the budget, scheduled for Wednesday October 29th, will not occur.

Public hearing regarding the Preliminary budget will be held Thursday November 6th at 7 PM at the Caroline Town Hall.


Fund          General          Highway         Combined

Spending            $624,753    $1,185,594     $2,110,348

Revenue              $339,737       $215,900          $555,637

Fund Balance       $150,000             $0               $150,000

Tax Levy                $435,016       $969,694      $1,404,711

2014 levy              $402,463        $866,420      $1,330,283

Tax Rate/ $1000           $6.45

Tax Levy increase       5.6%

Caroline Fire Protection District:

Tax Levy                $75,213

2014 levy              $74,897

Tax Rate/ $1000           $1.49

Tax Levy increase      0.4%

Street Light District

Tax Levy                $5,989

2014 levy              $6,000

Tax Rate/ $1000           $0.26

Tax Levy increase     -0.2%

Tentative budgets attached:

Tentative Budget 2015 General Fund_10_26.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Highway_10_26.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Street Lighting_10_26.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Fire and Safety_10_26.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Summary_10_26.pdf

Tentative Budget for 2015

The Caroline Town Board was presented, by Supervisor Don Barber, a Tentative Budget for 2015 that exceeds the property tax cap (PTC). Caroline has four separate budgets.  General and Highway exceed the PTC while Lighting and Fire District do not.

The General budget tax levy exceeds 2014 levy by $115,000. The actual growth in program spending is $14K, under the 2% PTC.  The remaining increase is to offset having $36K less savings to reduce tax levy than used in 2014 and raising $65K to build reserves for Town Barn replacement ($61.5K was raised last year to pay off office building bond). The budget includes payment for construction of broadband infrastructure at $193,750, with matching revenue resulting in no net cost to the tax payers.

The Highway tax levy increase of $144K is a result of $60K increase for equipment purchase, adding labor for succession training, and predicted far above inflation increase in materials like salt and asphalt.

The resulting tax levy increase for all four funds is $194K (14.6%).  For average Caroline property of $140K property, this results in a 2015 tax bill of $980 ($107 increase).

Supervisor Barber stated to the Town Board, “I am presenting a budget with no program growth offset by an amount of savings that seems sustainable for future years.  This budget is the product of the NY State’s taxation policy of unfunded mandates and reduced revenue sharing coming to roost at the local level. The choice is to maintain or pare away basic services.  The Tentative budget chooses to maintain services.

However as painful as this levy growth is, there looms a much bigger expense on the near horizon.  Our volunteer ambulance will most likely not renew their contract in 2016 due to lack of staff.  Creating local professional services will increase the levy approximately $400K or roughly 25%. Contracting with the private sector, if available, will delay response time significantly, but should cost less than the local option.”

The Town Board has scheduled budget work sessions which are open to the public on these dates and time is October: 13 at 6 PM, 15 after Town Board meeting ~8:30 PM, 23 at 6 PM, and if needed 29 at 6 PM.

Tentative budgets attached:

Tentative Budget 2015 Summary.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Street Lighting.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Fire and Safety.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 Highway.pdf

Tentative Budget 2015 General Fund.pdf

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