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Our Mission

Energy Independent Caroline is a collaborative effort between residents, Town Board, and other interested people to effectively use our natural resources to achieve energy independence from fossil fuels on a municipal & residential level.

Our mission is to produce power for electricity, heat, and transportation from renewable resources.

To accomplish this, we initiate renewable energy projects while educating Caroline residents about energy issues in order to build commitment to reducing energy consumption.

Resident Profiles

Featured in the Old Mill, profiles of Caroline residents reducing energy costs. Read here.

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We meet the 2nd Tuesday after the 1st Monday of the month from 5:15 to 7:00 at the town hall

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So far...

Energy Independent Caroline began Meeting in December of 2005. Since then, we have met with representatives from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and other organizations working on renewable energy. A number of them gave presentations at our meetings about a wide range of energy related topics, providing us with important facts. We are doing our homework so that we have information on not only the initial costs, but also long term maintenance costs.

Besides wind power, we are investigating micro-hydro and solar power which can readily be used in a residential setting.

In addition to looking at renewable energy production for the long run, we are promoting ways to save energy and money by using efficient light bulbs, stopping air leaks, and other things that can help people now.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Heating Solutions Survey Results, November, 2006
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Benefits of Wind Power

Healthy Environment

The only fuel used to create wind-generated electricity is the wind! It requires no fuel and creates no emissions from burning fuels. Conventional electricity generation produces more pollution than any single industry which leads to acid rain, smog, and climate change. 1 MW of wind generation capacity is the equivalent of 1 square mile of new forest, in terms of offsetting or displacing carbon dioxide from conventional generating sources. In one year a 1 MW turbine displaces: 2,734,872 pounds of CO2, 9,918 pounds of SO2, and 3,679 pounds of NOx.

Local Economy

Dollar for dollar or watt for watt, wind power creates more jobs than any other energy technology. The New York State Energy Office found that wind power creates 66 percent more total jobs than natural gas and 27 percent more total jobs than coal. Community owned wind projects generate resources for the community.

Saves Land

Wind turbines occupy only about 5% of the site, and since the turbines are high in the air, the land is still available for agriculture, grazing, or other uses.

Energy Independence

No need for dependence on foreign oil, it is a home-grown, fuel-free source of electricity generation. A community owned wind project would keep our money here instead of sending it to multinational oil companies and foreign governments. It is one important way that we as a community can contribute to homeland security.

Past Initiatives

In 2004 the Town of Caroline became the 8th municipality in New York to purchase wind power to provide part of the municipal electrical needs. In 2005 Caroline became the 2nd municipality to purchase wind power for 100% of its electricity use. The Governor recognized this achievement by presenting the town a plaque which hangs in the Town Hall.

EIC Wind Project Final Presentation

EIC Wind Project Final Report